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Burger Up -Fake Dates with Cassidy and Kevin

February 26, 2011

Originally Appearing in the Belmont Vision

Burger Up
2901 12th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37204
(615)  279-3767

Our Picks:
Cassidy: Chicken Breast Burger with fries
Kevin: Mushroom Swiss Burger with truffled fries

When we first saw the signs for Burger Up in the new building on 12 South, we expected something reminiscent of Buffalo Wild Wings but with burgers, flat screens with ESPN on every wall. But what we ended up finding was an upscale burger joint with an appreciation for local ingredients.

It was time to test the place out. Cassidy and I had arranged for a lunchtime rendezvous. She was waiting for me as soon as I got out of class, and we dashed off-campus for a lunch with only each other for company.

We noticed a crowd of young professionals, as Kevin and I were seated at a long bench of “community seating” as the hostess called it. I immediately thought that this might not be the best place for a get-to-know you first date.

And boy, was Cassidy right. After getting our drinks, we began to hear snippets of our neighbor’s conversations, and worst of all some friends of ours were seated next to us, making my goal of seducing Cassidy nearly impossible.

It’s a good thing Kevin and I weren’t engaged in our typical dreamy discussions, or our friends next to us might have felt a bit uncomfortable..

Sadly, I had to resort to just holding Cassidy’s hand as I gave her longing looks from across the table as we waited for our food. What’s more unfortunate is that our neighbors had to endure this punishment for more than 20 minutes while our burgers were being made.

Although it is “Burger” Up, I took a chance and ordered a chicken sandwich. My chicken choice reminded me of the first day I met Kevin–my little free range Chicken McNugget.

Frankly, Cassidy’s burger choice upset me. If I’m going to date someone, I want them to be a red meat eater, not some pansy chickentarian. Although this was definitely a notch against her, I figured I wouldn’t storm out just yet; after all, I still had my mushroom swiss burger coming.

While Kevin was a little hot-tempered about the chicken sandwich, he settled down when our food finally showed up. I started into my fries and quickly found that the cup they came in seemed like a bottomless pit of potatoes–just like my love for Kevin, endless.

The fries. Oh, the fries! They were beautiful, crispy and delicious, something that I strive for every day in Cassidy’s and my relationship. My grandmother always told me to find a beautiful, crispy and delicious girl, and I found her. But just as soon as I had fallen in love with the fries, I tasted the mushroom swiss burger. Now I’m not usually a bun guy, but man were these amazing. They were soft and moist, while still staying firm and shapely in my hands.

Now my favorite moment was my first bite of pickle on my sandwich. It was hand-cut, crunchy and was perfectly proportionate to the size of the sandwich.

While Cassidy was in love with the house-made pickle on her burger, I was falling for the tasty trifecta of Gruyere cheese, crimini mushrooms and a balsamic barbecue sauce.

And just like that, our 12 o’clock tryst was winding down.

All in all, Burger Up is a fantastic restaurant. Is it date worthy? Sure, but we think the best way to experience it is “just as friends.” The loud and casual atmosphere isn’t preseumptous and after such a fantastic meal, that special someone might look at you in a different light.

Burger Up on Urbanspoon


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